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Who We Are

creating an industry

Top Dogs pet services literally was one of the original handful of commercial dog walking services originating in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs in the late 1990’s. We helped pioneer and lead the way for the growth of dog walking and home boarding with our successful and proven methods.

We were even part of the steering committee for the first ever dog walking professionals association in Sydney’s East, known as ‘D.A.P.P.A.’ 

We realised very early on, as Top Dogs was starting out, that Dog Walking and Overnight Minding was much more than a job… truly is a LIFESTYLE 

The job that found us

After 20 years of walking, boarding, patting, hugging, smooching, being chauffeur to and caring deeply for every single one of the huge number of dogs and owners that we’ve had the pleasure of knowing, we know that commercial dog walking is one of those professions that finds you.

You can literally only learn on the job……and also from the numerous vets and dog behaviourists we’ve networked with over the years too.

Perfecting our craft

After devouring every book and article we could and networking closely with some of Eastern Sydney’s best vets and canine behaviourists, we quickly learnt that……. to work as closely as we do with dogs, we needed to think and even behave like a dog to communicate and effectively control our daily walking groups. 

This technique is also used when dogs would board with us in our home. In our loving care your pet receives plenty of exercise, socialisation and hugs and cuddles from our dog-loving team, wife and husband, Libby & Stirling.


Stirling Kohler

Owners of Top Dogs Walking & Minding Service

stirling kohler kneeling in front of topdogs van with two dogs
Max the puppy

our proven success

We know how fortunate we are to have been commercial dog walkers and boarders for so long…..and we don’t take our fantastic occupation and lifestyle for granted for a single second.

Our great success for almost 2 decades has been due to our wealth of hands (and paws) on experience dealing with every conceivable scenario you can imagine.

From earning the trust and friendship of dogs that had a ‘bite first-ask questions later’ philosophy….to being aware that all parks and beaches are not created equal and selecting safer and more hazard free locations to walk our dogs

Our Committment to you

We use our years of professionally proven techniques to keep a watchful eye over our dog walking groups to make sure every dog is happy and getting along with other doggy play mates.

We’re extremely experienced dog walkers and pet handlers after 20 years commercially working with animals, so you can be sure your ‘fur-kids’ are literally in the safest possible hands whilst on our adventures outside and then arriving back to your home.

We pride ourselves in keeping an eye on the dogs at all times and all playtime is closely supervised.

Zaza wearing glasses

Our Guarantee

We guarantee a premium level of customer service for our dog owners, and most importantly, we guarantee a happy and contented dog is safely returned after each and every walk.

No matter the size, age or what your dog likes to do we ensure that they all will have a fun-filled walk and interaction with other hand-picked doggies, giving you peace of mind!

We seriously can’t wait to meet you and your beautiful animals…..dogs, cats, turtles, chickens…….we love and cater to them all.