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"Who in their right mind would pay to have their dog walked ?"

Yep, we’ve been asked that one a million times.
There’s also a million different reasons as to why dog owners employ a commercial dog walking service, like Top Dogs, to walk, socialise and care for their much loved dogs.

The thing many people often don’t realise, is that very few dogs get the higher level of socialisation that commercial dog walking offers.
We call this ‘Accelerated Socialisation’.

Your dog literally gets an instant ‘party in the park’ with the other dogs that are part of our group walking system. This ‘dog socialising’ factor is largely why commercial dog walking has evolved and become widely accepted as a very necessary service.

Many of our regular clients have busy working lives and are ‘time poor’, leaving pooch with either a very brief walk or no walk at all for the day.

That ultimately manifests into a badly behaved, destructive (hole digging, furniture & shoe destroying), potentially aggressive, very unhappy pet and therefore very unhappy owner!!!

We’ve seen this scenario many, many times before and are so incredibly proud that we’ve helped hundreds of dogs and their owners turn around problematic situations by simply providing a physical and social outlet using our successful and popular small to medium group dog walks.

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Group Socialisation

Dogs, just like people (well, most people), are incredibly social animals. They enjoy the company of humans and instinctively they very much enjoy the company of fellow canines.

A dog’s instinct is to be part of a pack, which you and your family can provide, but also to naturally have a connection with a canine pack as part of a dog’s primal instincts.

Dogs can learn by modelling behaviour within their pack, which is why we screen and interview all of our new dogs before we introduce them to our groups. A dog lacking social and external stimulation tends to be anxious, misbehaved, bored and a constant source of owner frustration.

Need Help

Some other very common reasons that very sane, ordinary people (not just the rich and famous) have used our services have included:

  • the elderly and/or infirmed (wheelchair bound or lack of mobility)
  • pregnant mum’s at home who thought they’d be fine to take poochie for walks but realised having a bub in your tummy can make taking the pup for a walk…..anything but a ‘walk in the park’!!
  • picking dogs up from people’s workplaces so pooch doesn’t turn the workplace into a zoo or an ‘animal house’
  • It may come as a surprise but many owners who give their dogs plenty of regular walks still use our group walking service to add extra opportunities for exercise, socialisation and to even give their dogs a treat to give balanced routine to the family pooch!!